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This is not your everyday daily planner.

It's your ticket to an organized day with more time for yourself, your family and your friends.

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Organicer 2020:

New Look, Better Planning!

  • forward pointing arrow icon 12 month daily planner
  • forward pointing arrow icon 12 monthly overviews
  • forward pointing arrow icon 52 weekly overviews
  • forward pointing arrow icon 12 habit trackers
  • forward pointing arrow icon 160 checklists for easier task management

All are easily scannable with our mobile app that will automatically recognize filled spaces and set reminders in your phone.

That way you can plan your day on paper and keep track of it on your phone. Now does that not sound great?

Auto Capture and Snapping System (Snap in a Second)

The auto capture and snapping system offers a quicker and easier way to save your daily plans, tasks and notes to the mobile app.

organicer 2020 snap in a second

Penholder, 3 Ribbons, More Space for Notes

Organicer 2020 features a pen-holder and three ribbons to help you find or write notes faster and also includes more pages for notes.

organicer 2020 has a penholder and 3 ribbons

Synchronization with Google and Apple Calendars

Enables synchronizing with your Google or Apple calendar, for efficient time management.

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Elevate your task management to a whole new level with our 2020 Organicer.

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How is it better than any other daily planner?

It saves time, stress, missed calls, forgotten about appointments, unnoticed meeting schedules…

All of that with this first of a kind planner that combines paper and digital with 0 confusion and missed tasks. The user friendly paper planner combined with the mobile phone app will make sure your day is 100% organized.

paper planner
mobile phone app

Simply scan your hand written Organicer notes or lists and the app will digitalize all of them into an interactive digital equivalent. Just like that you're ready for a successful day ahead.

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Limited Time Offer

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Festive prices for our 2020 model!

We put a lot of effort into our 2020 model. We listened to our customer's reviews and made this year's Organicer even better.

Because you deserve only the best.

  • forward pointing arrow icon High-quality materials from the EU.
  • forward pointing arrow icon Made in the EU for maximal endurance all year round.
  • forward pointing arrow icon Practical, convenient, easy to use.

But wait, there's more!

We decided to give you our 2019 Organicer as well!

It's shipped immediately after you order the new 2020 Organicer.

It's a great way to find your way around our daily planner before the New Year starts.

You’ll quickly learn about its features and how to use them to your benefit.

And the best news is, WE'RE GIVING IT TO YOU


Meaning you'll receive 2 ORGANICERS for the price of one!

Now tell me that's not great value!
Don't miss out on this offer!

Get Organiced NOW!

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Still not convinced?

tina's testimonial

Organicer looks really great and is the perfect tool to keep track of my everyday tasks. It's awesome and simple to work with it. Thank you!

ljubljana, slovenia

sabrina's testimonial

I recieved my Organicer a few weeks ago and it feels and looks great. My life is already more organized and easier. Thank you so much!

los angeles, usa

jacob's testimonial

When a dream comes with tenacity, hard work, planning, clear objective and is mixed up with good soul you get Organicer.

utah, usa

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

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We are a team of 4 friends from Slovenia. Between us there's many years of experience in app development, design, fair-trade and more.

Our professional lives merged with the birth of Organicer, in 2017. We are a young and highly motivated team but like everybody in today's world we often run out of time.

The idea for this unique planner was born after we realized developing a smart planner that combines the analog with the digital would make a significant difference in our daily planning.